Do you like exciting books about cats? Then you should try out Warriors! Warrior cats is about cats who live in clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. What are Clans? Clans are a group of wild cats that live together with a leader, a medicine cat, elders, kits, apprentices, warriors, and queens. A leader is somebody who leads a group or clan, a medicine cat is a doctor, elders are old cats, kits are kittens, apprentices are warriors in training, and queens are female cats who are expecting or nursing kits. Usually a cats kin is in the same Clan as them, but sometimes because of changing clans it is not.

The books do include a few humans, and other cats, but they are mostly about Clans. To start, I am going to review the first series, The Prophecies Begin, or the original series. In the first book, Into the Wild, a housecat named Rusty escapes from his home into the wild where he meets the clans. They let Rusty become one of them. Some of the cats, like Longtail or Darkstripe, were mean to him at the beginning, but Graypaw was always a good friend.

It’s a really interesting series! The five other books are even more interesting than the first! I like how it is about cats, instead of humans, because I really like animals and fantasy. The only thing that I don’t like about Warriors is that there are some hard words. However, that can be a good thing too, because you can learn a lot of words.